The Lucy Ghosts


In the dying day of the Second World War many of Germany's rocket scientists traded their expertise for privileged treatment at the hands of both Russian and American invaders. For these scientists, bound together in a secret East - West brotherhood known as Die Lucie Geister, the war would never cease until Germany was united once more.

But with Reunification, sinister forces are unleased. In a rash of assassinations, the scientist's records 'disappear' in the mysterious but systematic destruction of CIA and KGB files and an independent agent is called in. Adam Nicholson is 'resting', compromised by a careless photograph during an SAS operation in Northern Ireland. Now he is assigned to provide protection for threatened German scientist attending a congress in New Orleans. There, in a bloodcurdling voodoo ritual, Adam is forced to confront his own death-wish which not even his CIA sidekick, Billie Wood, can dispel. And when a series of horrific murders leads them to a neo-Nazi breeding ground in Germany, where Sturmabteilungen perfect their insurrection and crowd-violence techniques, Adam and Billie are in ever-greater peril.

But it will be in Germany's new capital, Berlin, that her fragile democracy will be tested as never before, when Adam must gamble his life to unlock the final secrets of the Lucy Ghosts.


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