Second World


Eddy Shah's thriller takes us straight into the parallel world of today's virtual-reality Internet, where millions work and play every day.

But the politicians have moved in on this last truly free territory of the people, enforcing strict laws and policing cyberspace ruthlessly. It is the bureaucratic madness of our times - and all in the name of democracy.

An insignificant scientist starts the fightback for personal liberty, but he is forced into suicide to prove his point. As a result of his actions the US President is put in great danger, while dark forces within the security services wrestle for ultimate control of the information age. The defenders of freedom soon become public enemy number one, and now only a disillusioned recluse stands against the forces of chaos.

He is Conor Smith, GameMaster of the Internet, who happens to possess all the strategic skills to trace and outwit the mysterious conspirators. Starting in Second World with a couple of unlikely allies, he swiftly begins to untangle the threads . . .

But is there enough time left for him to win this particular game? Or will it prove to be his last challenge?

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