Ring of Red Roses


When Mark Duncan, a veteran of the Falklands war and now working for the intelligence arm of the SAS, is suddenly pulled out of an important operation in Northern Ireland,there has to be a good reason. His close friend and one-time comrade-in-arms, Victor Oldenburg, has been kidnapped while checking out the arrangements for a planned royal visit to the Soviet Union. Duncan's Russian family background and his fluency in the language make him the obvious choice to monitor the investigation for the British government.

Almost immediately he finds himself in Moscow working with Myeloski, a half-Muslim and a decidedly unconventional detective. The pair of them have nothing to go on except what the kidnappers choose to divulge. That and a strong suspicion that there is much more to this abduction than a simple demand for money.

All too rapidly it becomes apparent that Duncan and Myeloski are caught up in a web of intrigue that originates in the heart of the Kremlin. The Oldenburgs are in mortal danger, and their fate could determine the political future of the Soviet Union.

Bristling with excitement, tension and topicality, the Ring of Red Roses marks the début of a born thriller writer.


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