Manchester Blue


In the early Sixties, a young policeman watches as a murdered child's mutilated body is found on the Moors north of Manchester.

The scene lives with him forever and shapes the policeman that he becomes, honest, tough and committed.

Many years later, when the drug gangs are in control of Manchester's Moss Side and criminal anarchy is spreading on the streets, he sets out to bring order to this chaotic society.

But he has to change the way he operates and use methods that stand for everything he has always despised.

To do this he enlists the help of the one person he has not spoken to since they were children. The man he bring in is now an American who was forced away from Manchester at a young age.

He is also his brother.

Together, sharing a common and hateful distrust of each other, they set out to bring the drug gangs under control.


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