Second World

'This is a surprisingly prescient, futuristic thriller from the former newspaper mogul.'

Daily Mirror

'It takes the cult of Second Life into the future and creates a modern 'Brave New World'. the author uses the thriller form to bring alive his view of our future.'

WH Smith Customer Review

'We live in a reality where online or digital technology is all- pervasive - on our TVs, on our phones, at work, at home - and we are surrounded constantly by images, video, audio and text and endless opportunities to buy goods or pay for services or 'experience'things that we didn't know we wanted. Eddy Shah knows this, and his media experience tells.'


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'Eddy Shah has always been fascinated by innovation and the possibilities of the future, and here puts his thoughts in thrilling and thought-provoking form.'


'Long time no hear since the former newspaper tycoon penned brilliant thrillers. This time Shah tells a chilling tale about the power of the internet and those who would seek to harness it under the guise of acting for the public good.'

Peterborough Evening Telegraph. - Alex Gordon

'Thrilling and racy stuff.'

Sky Book Show - Mariella Frostrup

'In a world where the thrillers adaptability is changing on a rather daily basis what once would seem as a far fetched thriller can be out of date within mere months as the technology improves in leaps and bounds. Here Eddy Shah blends two genres into one, the thriller world collides and amalgamates with clear-sighted Science Fiction in a no holds barred fast paced action adventure.'

Falcata Times

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Ring of Red Roses

'As art as in life, Eddy Shah is a born story-teller'

Anthony Holden


'A well-above average book of its kind - he deserves being labelled a writer, not just a celebrity who has written a book'

Marcel Berlins, Sunday Times

Manchester Blue

'A tough riveting book. Manchester Blue is convincing and timely'

Michael Hartland, Daily Telegraph


'Like Jeffrey Archer he keeps you turning all the pages'

Sunday Telegraph

The Lucy Ghosts

'A breathless, racy thriller'

Sunday Express


'Eddy Shah has done it again'

Manchester Evening News

Fallen Angels

'The scenes on the streets of Belfast click like the safety catch on an

auto-matic weapon'

Michael Hartland, Daily Telegraph


'A classic of pace and excitement'

Daily Telegraph