Second World

We live in a reality where online or digital technology is all- pervasive - on our TVs, on our phones, at work, at home - and we are surrounded constantly by images, video, audio and text and endless opportunities to buy goods or pay for services or 'experience'things that we didn't know we wanted. Eddy Shah knows this, and his media experience tells.

What he has done is very cleverly built two worlds, the real world and Second World, where the right labels are just as important as ever and owning the rights to those labels can mean riches beyond the dreams of avarice. Can you imagine paying more for a virtual designer-label watch than you would for a real one because you want to be seen to be as 'virtually rich' as you are in reality? Playing games becomes a real experience where teams can wander through fully realised worlds, fighting dragons with swords to complete immense quests - till next week - and for those who fancy a fully immersive romantic assignation with Marilyn Monroe or Ava Gardner or Humphrey Bogart, you can, as long as you can pay, and the rights to those likenesses and personalities are owned by major corporations who exploit them as 'working avatars'.


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