Second World

In a world where the thrillers adaptability is changing on a rather daily basis what once would seem as a far fetched thriller can be out of date within mere months as the technology improves in leaps and bounds. Here Eddy Shah blends two genres into one, the thriller world collides and amalgamates with clear-sighted Science Fiction in a no holds barred fast paced action adventure. For make no mistake, that is exactly what this book does as it melds a new subgenre firmly into the readers imagination, demonstrating that there’s no limits to what can be achieved. It’s well written with snappy characters whilst the fast pace alongside exceptional action sequences don’t allow the reader chance to pause for breath.

Although some of it falls within the realm of science fiction, that part of the tale doesn’t detract from the sheer enjoyment of the reader making this fair game for exclusive readers of the thriller genre as was proven when my grandfather loved the book even though he isn’t that techno savvy.

This book can bridge generations and present an adventure to many a reader as opposed to a select few its one that definitely deserves a chance to be enjoyed by many. Do yourself a favour and pursue this tale with a vengeance as I can assure you that you won’t be disappointed.

Falcata Times

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